Table Talk

Grace After Fire's program, Table Talk™: Color Me Camo, serves as a peer support system designed specifically for women Veterans. Table Talk™ focuses on gender specific aspects through structured interaction with trained facilitators and fellow peers while identifying and addressing barriers women Veterans face on the path to positive change.

The program provides educational materials and activities that promote self-knowledge, self-understanding, self-development and self-renewal for the woman Veteran. The purpose of the program is for peers to help peers with the objective to get Veterans well by talking to each other and to establish a bond amongst the Veterans in their local areas. Results of the program will be healthy women, healthy families, and healthy communities.

For additional information on the Table Talk™ program or upcoming training opportunities, please email:

Table Talk™ Peer Facilitators
If you are interested in going through the Table Talk™ program so that you may assist women Veterans, please complete the online Peer Facilitator Application.

Table Talk™ Peer Groups
If you are a woman Veteran interested in going through the Table Talk™ program and working with peers to increase your self-renewal, knowledge, understanding and development, please complete the online Peer Group Interest form.

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