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Once upon a time a little girl was forced to go into hiding with her family.  Anne Frank, born in 1929, had never harmed anyone. Her favorite pastime was writing; her biggest dream, to be published. Unfortunately, that did not happen during her lifetime. At age 15, she and her family were taken into prison camps. She did not survive.

But her thoughts, her courage, and her wise words did survive, because someone who cared brought her knowledge and insight to the forefront.

"No one has ever become poor by giving," she wrote.

One of the primary missions of TexVet is to improve the lives of Texas Military, Veterans and Family Members by making certain they have access to the right services at the right time.  Chances are, you know or have Veterans in your family. You may have heard bits and pieces of their stories, what they felt, how they survived. 

Throughout Texas, in every county, there is a Veteran who is still struggling to survive. 

Financial gifts to TexVet are used to help empower Veterans to contribute to society.  They went through a lot; they have much to share.  World War II, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf War, and OIF/OEF Soldiers, returning home and already back are coming home to a changed country. 

These Soldiers and their loved ones deserve our best gifts, gifts which will be used to improve lives, help them find Texas peer support networks, and bring them out of hiding.

War is costly; transition is rugged. Your financial support will show that someone cares enough to bring their knowledge and insight to the forefront. Your financial support will help TexVet welcome these soldiers home.

TexVet accepts donations through the Texas A&M Health Science Center's website. When making a donation, please ensure that you choose "College of Medicine" as the Department and "TexVets: Partners Across Texas" for the account (pictured below).

To donate, please click here to go to the donation website.  You can also use the embedded version of the website below, though going directly to the website will likely result in a better experience.  We are extremely grateful for any and all donations.