Spiritual Fitness Center

At the "Great Place" we take care of Soldiers, Families and civilians. This is the official Facebook page for the Fort Hood Spiritual Fitness Center. For posting guidelines, please see the Info Tab.

The Fort Hood Spiritual Fitness Center works in conjunction with other spiritual leaders on post and in the larger community to help individuals find serenity.

Any human being functions in three modes i.e. Physical (Body), Mental (Mind), and Spiritual (Soul). These three aspects of our lives are not independent from each other, but dependent and usually intertwined. They are reflected in our behavior, our relationship to others, and also seen in the way we respond to challenges and crisis.

We offer a place of peace and tranquility. It is a place where you can fade the outside world and tune in to your inner-self in a serene atmosphere where you can ask the Ultimate questions:?

-Who am I?
-What is the purpose of life?
-What do I believe in?
-How does that make me who I am??

Career Phase: 
Active Duty or Deployed