Somervell County Committee on Aging - Transportation Program

Somervell County Committee on Aging coordinates persons who are 60+ and their spouses, with emphasis on frail, minority and low income citizens from Somervell County.  The Center is a resource for the entire Community providing services and information on aging, and assisting family and friends who care for older persons.

The Somervell County Committee on Aging provides transportation to seniors 60+ years old. We provide transportation to several places within Somervell County with medical appointments taking priority. Thursday and Friday afternoons are usually days reserved for grocery shopping and one day each month (second Monday of the month) we will go to Wal-Mart. 

We do ask for a donation for our transportation services if you are able to provide it.

Please call 254-897-2139 ahead of time to make arrangements for your trip.

Career Phase: 
Retired Military
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge