Santa Maria Hostel, Inc.

Santa Maria has over 50 years of experience serving women in crisis, and continually responding to the emerging needs of the community we serve.

In 1990, our substance abuse treatment program for women was initiated. By 1995, we were recognized as one of Texas' best-managed centers for the treatment and care of addicted women and their children.

We are proud to have the distinction of being the largest treatment center in Texas and, through your support, will continue to respond to the evolving needs of the women and children we serve.

We feature two residential facilities capable of providing a home-like environment for women alone and with their children while in treatment for addiction.

Once a client has utilized either supportive or intensive residential services, we offer a continuum of services to assist her in living a sober life. We offer mental health services as well as outpatient programming at multiple sites.

Our admissions office can be reached at 713-691-0900. You can also reach us by email or find the phone number for a particular party on our Contact Us page. Job openings can also be viewed.

Santa Maria Hostel Believes... 
That while trauma-informed substance abuse treatment serves the immediate needs of abstinence from drugs and alcohol, involvement in adjunct innovative counseling and services will result in improved life and job skills and can bridge the gap to long-term success and recovery. Our commitment to a “start to finish” continuum of care allows our staff to identify and address signs of crisis and relapse risk factors, allowing Santa Maria to intervene prior to a client’s relapsing or causing harm to herself or her children. Santa Maria’s comprehensive system of care improves the overall treatment outcomes for our clients, their children, and their family unit as a whole.

Substance Abuse Facts...
Alcohol and substance abuse is higher in Houston than in Texas as a whole. Substance abuse treatment options are limited in Harris County, particularly for pregnant women and women seeking custody of their children. Historically, the crisis of women’s substance abuse has suffered from invisibility, while addiction treatment models focus on men. Women with abuse problems typically have fewer economic resources than men, although they often are responsible for more dependents.

Our Greatest Hope...
Santa Maria aspires to provide transitional living resources to all of the women it serves who do not have an adequate sober living environment to return to upon discharge. The generosity of the members of the Houston Community will help to make this dream a reality and will assist our women in attaining long term sobriety

Female Veterans Supportive Housing

New VIEWS (Veteran Initiative Empowering Women's Stability, Skills, and Self-Determination) creates 24 new transitional housing beds for homeless female Veterans, as well as offers a comprehensive continuum of care through a menu of supportive services based on individualized needs, to include: transitional housing for up to 12 months; case management; referrals and information; educational and vocational services; life skills training; parenting classes; transportation assistance; integrated mental health services; and, residential and/or outpatient substance abuse treatment if needed.

Veterans participating in New VIEWS must be medically stable, able to care for themselves, and remain alcohol and drug-free. Sex offenders and those requiring detox services will not be admitted. For more information about New VIEWS, contact Robert Birdrow (281-881-5488 ), HCHV Grant & Yolanda Martin (713-957-2413, ext. 1157). “This is a place where a person must make a decision or choice on which direction to take,” said one resident of the new program. “New VIEWS helps you choose to change your life direction and get on the road to recovery and positive living.”

This program is made possible by a grant from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Healthcare for Homeless Veterans Programs and the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance. The Fund for Veterans’ Assistance provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families. Funding for this grant comes from a portion of Veterans scratch-off lottery ticket sales. Visit the Texas Veterans Commission web site or call 1-800-252-VETS (8387) for more information.