Military Warriors Support Foundation

The Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF) was founded in 2007 by our Chief Executive Officer, retired 3 Star General, Leroy Sisco. General Sisco brings to the MWSF 42 years of service to our country and a rich background of experiences and leadership roles.

General Sisco has a great understanding of the many challenges our heroes face after being injured in service to our country. He has a tireless determination to assist those in greatest need. MWSF Executive Director, Ken Eakes, brings Fortune 25 management background with experience in Leadership Development, Human Resources, Operations and Project Planning to our team. Ken is dedicated to honoring our heroes by assisting those whom have given so much.  

Programs offered through the MWSF:

Homes 4 Wounded Heroes:  

Awarding wounded heroes around the country mortgage-free homes to aid the transition back to civilian life.

CEOs 4 Heroes:

Connecting veterans and companies with employees and employment opportunities.


Skills 4 Life:  

Offering a variety of programs including mentoring, recreational outings, financial planning and counselling.


Education 4 Heroes:  

Providing 4-year degree scholarships, access to test-out programs and educational assessment counseling.

Career Phase: 
Transitioning Military