Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation


The United States Military is the most equipped fighting force in the world in terms of manpower and equipment.  These brave men and women have provided a blanket of freedom for America and other nations of the world where we answered the call to fight for those who could not protect themselves.  However, at times, that freedom comes at a cost resulting in combat stress or “Post Traumatic Stress”, Veteran suicides, and the divorce of our military families.  
We believe that if properly equipped on the front end of conflict our Warriors and Families can have “Spiritual Resiliency” and a mindset that is preventative of the hardships we have seen far too many of our Warriors face.  

To take an offensive role in the war against PTS, Veteran suicide & divorce Mighty Oaks conducts training and conferences to the US Military for the following areas:

  • Pre-Deployment Briefings for Warriors and Families
  • Combat Resiliency Training Conferences
  • Post Combat Reintegration Conferences
  • Suicide Prevention Conferences
  • Marriage Conferences




Our six-day Resiliency and Combat Trauma Reintegration program utilizes a unique non-clinical methodology that is successful in equipping Warriors to face and recover from the rigors associated with combat and military service – such as PTS.  The program teaches men how to fight through challenges that stifle personal success through intensive peer-based instruction in a confidential and open environment. The camaraderie participants experience in the various recreational activities triggers growth and recovery within the men. By discovering the truth about discipline, brotherhood, legacy, courage, honor, faith and family, men develop authentic character and learn to live a life of leadership.  The men who complete this program will have the skills and accountability to calibrate their lives to be the Warriors and leaders they were born to be, in order to not only overcome their own challenges, but to lead others to do the same.


Whether a Veteran, Military Service Member, or Spouse, the ladies who attend our four-day program will be challenged to align their lives with the life they were created to live through a time of learning, exploration, and growth in order to become a Virtuous Woman – the “Proverbs 31” woman.  The goal is to give women a biblical blueprint of womanhood, and target the key areas of their life (faith, marriage, mothering, health, service and finances) in order to challenge and grow them into who they were designed to be.


Our four-day Marriage Advance Program is designed for couples to gain a better understanding of the struggles they each face from dealing with military service and combat trauma. We structure conversations around needs, expectations, goals and forgiveness to help couples move forward. Once provided with the necessary support to regain the strength that is required of a healthy unit, each couple learns to engage successfully with the recovery process in order to have a successful marriage.  

*Program is reserved for alumni of the Fight Club Programs.


The week that our Warriors spend at Mighty Oaks is nothing short of miraculous! For many, it is marked by the most memorable event in their life; their salvation and newfound purpose in Christ. This new beginning is typically filled with excitement and passion, yet poses many challenges ahead. We know the problems they came with will be waiting for them when they go home, and their new passion, purpose, and skills will be met by opposition, resentment, and new struggles.

Our Mentorship Program is part of the “aftercare” effort for our alumni, and is the point in the Mighty Oaks’ story where you may be called to serve our nation without having ever served in uniform. Our founder’s journey to restoration includes the willingness of one man who God used to mentor and lead him into becoming the man God had called him to be… and that is where Mighty Oaks began! You can do that too… What impact can you make in the life of one of our Warriors and to those they will reach?

Apply now to join us in our aftercare program to mentor a warrior and bring to life the notion that, “No Man Fights Alone.”

*Applications will be reviewed, vetted, and approved based on criteria set by MOWP in the best interests of our alumni. All mentors must be willing to serve a minimum of 1 hour per week for six months.



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