Green Extreme Homes CDC

Green Extreme Home's goal is to build healthy, strong neighborhoods through green, energy efficient, and affordable housing options.  They offer both rehabbed, single-family homes and rental units within multifamily complexes.

The agency offers job training for veterans in construction and manufacturing techniques, which builds structural insulated panels.  The trainees work on its building projects and the panels are also used in the construction.

The agency participates in Bank of America's property donation program for veterans.  The bank donates foreclosed or abandoned properties to Green Extreme and other nonprofits nationally.  Green Extreme rehabilitates the home, and then donates it either mortgage-free or sells it at 50% of the appraised price.  

In 2012, the agency began creating larger scale properties.  Its first 292-unit development for Seniors opened in Plano in 2016, with 90 units set aside for veterans.  Additional complexes in Downtown Garland and Downtown Plano are starting construction.  

The agency serves veterans, active duty military, Guard and Reserve, and families or caregivers of these groups.  

For job training and housing programs, the income limit is 80% or below of the area median income, as defined by HUD.  By HUD rules, Green Extreme cannot provide rental housing to people with past criminal involvement. 

Applicants will need a DD 214, a driver's license or other government-issued ID, and a pay stub to establish income.