Discounted or Free CHL for Vets

Individual receiving weapons instruction

Handgun Licensing in Texas

DPS administers the Handgun Licensing Program under the authority of theTexas Government Code Chapter 411, Subchapter H. DPS licenses individuals to carry handguns within Texas, evaluates the eligibility of applicants through criminal history background checks and monitors those currently licensed to ensure their continued eligibility. DPS also trains and certifies instructors who teach the required course to applicants.

As of 2018-05-29:

  • You can apply online at
  • CHL licenses are available for Veterans at the discounted rate of $25.
  • Licences are free for:
    • Active Military,
    • Texas State Military,
    • Active Texas Peace Officers,
    • State Correctional Officers (Texas Dept of Criminal Justice), and
    • County Jailers.

All Original License To Carry a Handgun (LTC) applicants are required to submit fingerprints to DPS as part of the complete LTC application. Please see LTC Fingerprint and Photo Information.


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