Steering Committee

The VSN Steering Committee

Are you a leader in your local military family community? 

The VSN will select one member from each of our five regional chapters to join our steering committee. Committee members will have a large amount of influence on the direction of the network. They will help organize events, collaborate with community partners, and assist other members in their region.

Steering committee members will select a military family research area of focus, and the network will train them on current research, research techniques, and how to find relevant articles so they may engage in research efforts and provide researchers with valuable input on their projects, where the unmet needs exist, and what they should be studying. This is an exciting opportunity to shape future research and in turn, future services offered to military families.

Members will have their travel and lodging expenses paid to attend a steering committee meeting in Austin. They will help come up with a research agenda to be distributed nationally to military family researchers outlining what the project sees to be priorities for our community. In Austin, they will also participate in a panel about veteran spouse experiences at UT Austin School of Social Work's Military Social Work Conference.

Steering committee members will receive compensation for time assisting on webinars and attending meetings in recognition of their effort and time commitment to the project.

To apply, fill out our application at:

****There is still an open position for a steering committee member in San Antonio. All other postions have been filled. If you live in another chapter and are interested in other volunteer leadership opportunities, please contact program coordinator Hannah O'Brien at