Service Partners

Partnering with VSN

Are you a research investigator or service provider working with military family populations?

The Veteran Spouse Network is all about directing our members to the best possible evidence-based treatments and services in their area, and keeping them engaged and informed with military family research. We partner with organizations in regions throughout Texas to get the word out to families about the service available to them. We also work in coordination with organizations, our volunteer leadership, and our members to organize trainings and workshops for military families.

We also work with VSN research investigators on a number of endeavors. VSN hosts training webinars to provide its members with research skills and knowledge of the current military family research landscape. We invite research investigators working on related topics to speak to our network about their projects. We also connect investigators to veteran spouses who can serve as key informants on military family-related projects, providing valuable feedback to investigators to ensure their research is patient-centered and culturally competent. 

Interested in getting involved? Sign up for the network and select "I am a research investigator" or "I am a service provider" as appropriate, and let us know your interest in the network in the comments section OR contact the VSN team directly


Download our white paper for more information: