Mission Statement

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Giving voice to veteran spouses engaging in research on veteran families.


Military spouses have long understood it takes strong families and communities to support each other while facing unique challenges during military service. This is also true when the family transitions to veteran status. The vision of the Veteran Spouse Network (VSN) is encourage veteran spouses to become involved in research on veteran issues through a collaborative network of veteran families, research scientists, and service providers. Identifying and addressing veteran family issues with a patient-centered and family-led approach ensures that clinicians and researchers are focusing their efforts on projects that address not just perceived needs of the military community, but those articulated by the community itself.


Veteran spouses, this is your project. This endeavor will not be true to its core values unless your voices are considered from start-to-finish. As our network continues to grow, it is our hope that everything, including our mission, can be influenced by a steering committee of veteran spouses committed to sharing the viewpoint of our members.