Young Americans Overseas

YAO's mission is to assist Americans - especially veterans and those from military families - with obtaining affordable housing, graduating from college, travel abroad and getting a career. Who do we serve? We proudly serve veterans, active military, dependants and students

Young Americans Overseas Programs:
1. Veteran Academy: YAO will assist male and female veterans with obtaining affordable housing, travel abroad, finishing college and job placement. We also link veterans to resources and provide short training courses to make boots to books successful. Students enrolled in college (e.g. Lamar University, LIT, etc.) that live at the Veteran Academy can get travel abroad scholarships. For details visit:

2. Veteran Academy Jr.: YAO provides educational support and enrichment activities to young people from low-income families that will help make getting into college a reality. Priority placement is given to young people from military families. For details visit:

Programs for Family Members: 
Military Child
Vet Children
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge