Workforce Solutions Golden Crescent

If you're searching for a job, we can help. Answers and resources are as close as your Workforce Solutions Center. Walk through our door and you will find:
Job matching and referrals
Internet access to a variety of local, state and nationwide job banks
Assistance in preparing a professional resume
Information on salaries, job markets and jobs in demand locally and across the country
Tools to assess your skills
Information about training and financial aid if your skills need upgrading
Career exploration to find out where your interests and skills can take you professionally
Interview techniques taught by professionals
Research on companies with whom you are applying

These core services are always free of charge and tailored to meet local community needs.

Improve Your Skills!

The road to a new career or advancement in your current job often requires additional training and we can help.? We have a wealth of information on the skills demanded by businesses today and training courses available to teach you those skills.? We can help direct you to training opportunities and financial aid.

If your present skills are not in demand and work opportunities are not available, you may qualify for any number of sponsored training options.? Some of these include:

Industry specific training designed by community colleges for a group of local businesses that have good jobs available when you graduate

Individual training account scholarships that let you choose the training you will receive from a wide variety of training providers with proven track records

Workforce Solutions' staff can help you assess your skills and interests and determine what education or training programs would best suit your needs.?

Special Needs Get Special Attention!

For those with additional needs, there are specialized services available:

Funded child care for low income working families
Training and financial assistance for workers who lose their jobs to imports or production shifts to other countries
Job search assistance for laid-off workers and others collecting Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits
Additional support services for agriculture workers, migrant and seasonal farm workers, veterans, students, youth, economically disadvantaged seniors and ex-offenders
Individuals with Disabilities are encouraged to Self-Identify to take advantage of specially designed programs for getting back to work or finding your first employment.

No Requirement
Career Phase: 
No Requirement
Transitioning Military
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge