Women Veterans of the Coastal Bend

Peer support and services for women veterans in the Coastal Bend area

Women Veterans of the Coastal Bend was founded in October 2014 by small group of women veterans who were employed in veteran service capacities in the Coastal Bend. Each of the them had noticed a trend among the women veterans that they were serving through each of their agencies - women NOT identifying as veterans, NOT seeking their earned benefits, NOT seeking medical/mental health services, an alarming number of women vets acknowledging some form of MST during their service, and the majority of the women veterans were NOT currently employed in positions commensurate with the level of education/training they received in the military. 

These issues were not only unacceptable but a HUGE disgrace and disservice to the women who had served their country! And so, Women Veterans of the Coastal Bend was formed! We strive to outreach to all women that have served, regardless of branch (including Coast Guard and all Reserve/Guard) and regardless of how long or discharge status. 

Our goal is to provide a network of support - women bring a unique perspective and some very different needs - to ensure all women that have served their country get connected to the benefits they've earned, have a support network of other women vets to help them navigate the civilian world after service, get them connected to needed service such as medical and mental health, education opportunities, job placement, and most importantly, ensure they don't become part of the growing female homeless veteran population. 

In addition to connecting them to benefits, friendship, and resources, a major goal/mission is to increase the community's awareness of the contributions women have made and continue to make in our military, thereby changing the stereotype of what a "veteran" looks like. We do this by being very active in the community through community service projects. Our main community focus is organizations that support and empower women in the community. We want to use our combined experiences and success to empower women in our community who are struggling or trying to overcome obstacles. 

In January, 2017, we received our 501(c)3 non-profit exemption.

We know that not everyone uses Facebook so we also maintain an email blast to ensure all information reaches those women vets as well.