Women Veterans of America – Chapter48 – Denton

WVA Vision:

To be a voice for Women who have and are serving in the United States Armed Forces and act as an advocate for Women Veterans’ Rights, Issues, Benefits and Recognition.


Women Veterans of America (WVA) shall advocate for all Women Veterans and for women currently serving in the military.

WVA Goals:

Ensure the best possible care is given to Women Veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Ensure that Women Veterans have access to the same level of benefits from the Veterans Benefits Administration.

Ensure that Women Veterans receive the same level of respect, recognition and honor as our brother veterans.

This is accomplished by:

  • Providing information and support to Women Veterans.
  • To be liaisons to proper government agencies.
  • To assist women veterans in obtaining VA Benefits.
  • Serve on Women Veteran's Advisory Committees.
  • Serve through the VA Volunteer Services.
  • Participate in Veteran Outreaches.
  • Participate in ceremonies honoring all Veterans
  • Become involved in local and national issues pertaining to all womenveterans and to those women presently in the military.