Warriors Prevail

Reintegration and Resiliency for the Active Duty Service Member Throughout the DOD complex, resources are being deployed to address the mental strain of the current operational tempo. These efforts are making headway in myriad ways, but no initiative has yet succeeded in systematically linking Service Members with anonymous support the moment they start to experience stress reactions. By leveraging Prevail's online technology platform and content model, the Warriors PrevailSM program does exactly that. Like all of Prevail's programs, Warriors Prevail is rooted in well-established psychotherapeutic principles, but the program is not a "medical" program. It is a commander's program; it is about giving Service Members pragmatic tools they are likely to use at the time they are most effective. Through social networking techniques, Warriors Prevail provides virtual communities where Service Members can compare experiences and learn about the stress reactions they are having. From there, the program leads Service Members through a series of assessments, peer chats and online training sessions that are both anonymous and tailored to their needs. Finally, by de-stigmatizing treatment, the program can encourage users to forgo their anonymity and seek further care when appropriate. Warriors Prevail can reach Service Members whether they are forward deployed, on installation or back in their communities. It can give your Warriors an unintimidating first step to care, on demand, at any stage in the deployment cycle.   

Career Phase: 
Active Duty or Deployed