VetForce - SalesForce training for Veterans

VetForce’s mission is to impact the lives of 10,000 veterans by helping them gain Salesforce training, certification and related employment.

The biggest gap in the cloud is the ready supply of Salesforce-Certified professionals: administrators, developers and business analysts. Meanwhile, thousands of U.S. veterans transition from the military each month, but many lack the training and network to identify the best available opportunities in the civilian world.

VetForce aims to bridge that gap through Training, Certification and Placement.


Any [honorably discharged] U.S. military veteran can now access the entire Salesforce training library, from anywhere in the country, on any device, for free. This self-paced, on-demand training prepares the student for a career in the burgeoning Salesforce eco-system.


When ready, veterans can apply for free exam vouchers to become Salesforce Certified. Getting certified boosts your career and enables you to contribute even more to an organization's success. Salesforce Certification is the ultimate credential from Salesforce that demonstrates that you have the skills and confidence to take full advantage of Salesforce.


Our core mission is not just about helping veterans find a job. Instead, it s about helping qualified veterans launch a new career in the cloud. This is why Salesforce is working with many of the top companies in the cloud-tech ecosystem to identify specific jobs for Salesforce certified veterans and help facilitate the connections through our Salesforce community-based VetForce Application. We are also working with cutting edge tech partners to build out the infrastructure that will enable a job marketplace connecting veterans, veteran service organizations and employers.

Dan Streetman

Dan served as an Army Infantry officer on both active and reserve status for 20 years, including a year-long combat deployment to Iraq in 2009. Dan has worked in Silicon Valley since graduating Harvard Business School, and he has supported several veterans' service organizations with their technology strategy.


Dan launched the VetForce with others at Salesforce to help Veterans transition to a career in the cloud and ensure Salesforce customers have access to the best available “cloud-strong” talent in the ecosystem.

Career Phase: 
Transitioning Military