Veterans Non Profit

Veterans Food Pantry Eligibility

  1. Must be on active duty in any of the five branches of service; or be a veteran and have either a DD-214, (with a discharge that is not dishonorable,) or have a valid V.A. Identification card.
  2. Must reside in El Paso County.
  3. Must have an income that is lower than 50% of A.M.I. Income will be calculated by multiplying income for the last month by twelve and the result must be lower than 50% of A.M.I.
  4. The amount of food provided is determined by inventory available in the food pantry, but in no case will we provide more than a one-week supply. Our assistance is intended to supplement not provide.
  5. Must have names and some form of ID for all members of household, with some documentation to verify this. (For children can be shot record, birth certificate, school registration, birth certificate or SS card.)
  6. Must certify that all information provided is true and correct by signature under a statement that falsifying information to receive service constitutes theft of services.
  7. Must not have used the Veterans Non Profit Veterans Food Pantry in the current month.
  8. Exceptions to these rules may be made, but must be approved by Three Board members or long-term volunteers and justification for the exception must be documented with the client’s record.
  9. Without documentation of service status, (#1 above,) we will accept a letter, on letterhead stationary, provided by any professional who works with veterans for a period of 90 days to permit the veteran to obtain necessary documentation. Examples can include HVRP programs, housing programs, employment programs, V.A. personnel, etc...
  10. Distribution days are on Monday’s and Saturdays. If another agency is requesting that we dispense food to a veteran on an emergency need, someone from that agency must be with the veteran at the food pantry.


Veterans Clothing Closet Policy

Veterans Non Profit operates a clothing closet that serves low income veterans and their families.  It is our intent to assist our veterans in meeting the most basic of human needs for them and their immediate families.  Below is a list of rules and procedures that must be followed by all staff and clients alike:

  1. All veteran households wishing to use the Clothing Closet must meet the same income guidelines that have been set for the Veterans Food Pantry.
  2. As of January 1st, 2017, the veteran household can use the clothing closet a maximum of four times in the fiscal year. However, this will be limited to once every 3 months. This means you will need to plan ahead. As we do not have money to buy clothing, and rely strictly on community support and donations, the number of visits may change depending on incoming donations.
  3. The veteran household can take a maximum of two complete outfits per family member per visit. 
  4. There is clothing set aside for job interviews:  Only VETERANS looking for work can get clothing from these racks.  (Not available for spouses or children looking for work.)
  5. If children are accompanying the parent during their visit, your child must remain with you.
  6. Clients will be permitted to choose their own clothing. 
  7. If a client takes something off of a hanger or unfolds it to look at it, they must rehang or refold the item and put it back themselves before looking at something else.
  8. Each client MUST be escorted by a VNP staff member or volunteer while they are choosing clothing.  Since we do not have unlimited volunteers, this may mean that clients may have to wait until someone escorting someone else finishes.
  9. Clients will be served on a first come first served basis. We are trying to make this as smooth as possible for our veterans, their families and the volunteers who help us.
  10. The clothing closet’s hours of operation for clients will be the same as the Veteran Food Pantry’s:  Mondays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Even if one of those days is a holiday we will be open for our veterans.  (The only exception to this will be when Christmas Day falls on a Monday or Saturday.
  11. At no time can a veteran client, or the family member of a veteran client, use the washer, dryer or iron that belongs to the VNP
  12. Clothing may not be brought back and exchanged for any reason. It is the Veteran’s responsibility to ensure that everything fits and is free of defects before they take it.
  13. When we have jackets, coats, or blankets, no more than one per year may be taken.

Veterans Pet Pantry Policy

Veterans Non Profit, (VNP,) recognizes that many veterans have pets and or service animals that are integral parts of their lives. Further, we understand that when the veteran’s household is food challenged, the veteran’s pets or service animals are challenged as well. As a part of our mission to provide food for low-income veterans and their families, we recognize that service animals and pets are considered family members and contribute significantly to the quality of veteran’s lives. This policy is an attempt to address the needs of non-human family members. Initially, we will focus on food, but are looking at providing vouchers for vaccinations, along with vouchers for spay and neutering. It is envisioned that there will be onsite training and certification for service animals on a limited basis.


  1. To qualify for pet services veterans must qualify for services from the Veterans Food Pantry. (Be considered low income.)
  2. The veteran must sign a statement declaring their pets. Veterans will also need to supply vaccination records if possible. When possible, veterans with animals that are not vaccinated will be given a voucher to go get them vaccinated on a first come, first served basis. If the animal is not vaccinated, failure to vaccinate through the voucher program, (or any false declarations,) will result in ineligibility from all VNP services.
  3. Because we have limited resources assistance for pets or service animals will be limited to two animals per family. 
  4. Because of limited resources, services provided will be for cats and dogs only.
  5. Veteran’s animals shall be categorized by size, food will be dispensed by this factor and availability. (Criterion for categorization and the subsequent amount of food dispensed shall be set by the VNP’s Pet/Service Animal Coordinator.)
  6. Veterans can only access pet services on the day they are accessing the food pantry. Other services will be scheduled with the provider.
  7. This policy is subject to modifications as we gain experience with these types of needs.

Bus Pass Program

We have been working with Sun Metro in an effort to provide veterans across El Paso with free 90-day bus passes, and after the 90-day period, discounted unlimited passes. 

If you are a veteran, or know of a veteran who could use this service, please use the Contact Us form below to send an email with your name and phone number, along with 'Bus Pass Application' in the subject line. 

Generally, we fill out these forms on Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. After we fill out the required paperwork it will be filed and sent in to Sun Metro. We will contact you to let you know when to come back to pick up your bus passes.