Veterans Court - Midland County


MIDLAND Midland County held it's first stakeholders meeting Tuesday, for it's new Veterans Treatment Court.

The treatment court aims to give veterans in the Basin a second chance, after run-ins with the law, due to PTSD or other mental health problems.

However organizers of the court say this is a hand up, not a hand out to veterans.

According to Midland County Judge, Robin Darr, 311 self identified veterans entered the Midland County Jail during the last two years.

Starting in September over a 39 day period 59 veterans were arrested in Midland County.

The court is hoping to reduce those numbers by focusing on treatment rather than punishment.

"It's not an adversarial court, it's a team concept of how can we help this person navigate the court system and come out a better person," Darr said.

In order to be eligible to see the court a veterans must be diagnosed with PTSD or mental health issues that is a direct result of trauma sustained during their military service.

The court also requires that the criminal offense be less than a P-3 felony, those are crimes like murder or aggravated sexual assault.

"I think it'll mean less jail days for some defendants, I think it will mean better rehab, rehabilitation treatment that is targeted to meet a Veterans needs," Darr said.

Veterans who come before the court will have access to peer mentors as well as well as a peer-to-peer network.

Veterans Treatment Court will be open the first and third Thursday of every month.

Anyone seeking more information about the court can contact the Midland county courthouse.

County / Counties Served: 
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
Any Disability
Discharges Allowed: 
General Under Honorable