Veteran Spouse Network


To facilitate a statewide network for veteran spouses as they build a community of support


The VSN’s work is influenced by our belief that veteran families rely on strong communities to support each other while going through military to civilian transition and as they face unique challenges (and have unique strengths!) based on their shared history of military service. The network is designed to incorporate the input, voice and perspectives of veteran spouses from across the state of Texas either by accessing the VSN website, its Facebook page, or by getting involved in VSN programs. We strongly encourage spouses to contact us with input and ideas on how to make the VSN what you want it t


Resource Referral and Navigation:

  • VSN Region leaders share resources, and help connect spouses to the supports in their community. If a spouse needs assistance, Region Leaders are there to help them not only locate the right supports, but navigate the system to ensure all their needs, and the needs of their family are being met!
  • To become a VSN Region Leader, visit the VSN site at

Community Events:

  • VSN Region Leaders host local events for veteran spouses and families to provide opportunities for them to come together to relax, learn, have fun, and to ultimately foster a community of support. Events can include anything from family BBQs, workshops, speakers, luncheons, yoga classes, and everything in between!

Veteran Spouse Resiliency Groups:

  • The Veteran Spouse Resiliency Group (V-SRG) Program provides peer support group programming to spouses and committed partners of veterans. Each group is led by veteran spouses who have been trained in the V-SRG program and curriculum, and who are provided continuous support and oversight by the Veteran Spouse Network team as they lead their groups. Groups are made up of 6-8 veteran spouses/partners, and meet weekly for 12 weeks, with each session lasting approximately 2 hours.
  • Each week covers a different topic related to the life of a veteran spouse, and is structured with activities and discussion questions to leave room for the conversation to go where the group needs it to go. The curriculum was written for the spouses/partners of veterans BY the spouses/partners of veterans, and is adapted as needed based on leader and participant feedback.
  • The V-SRG offers groups in both in-person and online formats. To learn more about group sites and how to register, visit the website at
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No Requirement
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All Spouses
Military Spouse
Vet Spouse
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No Disability Requirement
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No Minimum Discharge