VA - Women's Trauma Recovery Center in Temple

Women's Trauma Recovery Center

The Women's Trauma Recovery Center (WTRC) is an intensive 7-week, patient-centered, residential treatment program for women. Women are admitted to the WTRC in classes, or cohorts, of no more than eight. Women veterans from any state in the USA are eligible for admission. The transportation to and from the residential program will be the responsibility of the referral source. Veterans are eligible for travel assistance through VA.

The mission of the WTRC is:

  • To provide treatment for the aftereffects of military sexual trauma
  • To provide education and consultative services to practitioners and patients

The WTRC is located at the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System in Temple, Texas.

The program is housed within a Domiciliary and is one of several treatment programs operating within the Domiciliary. Both men and women are treated in the Domiciliary. There are approximately 175 beds available for Veterans. The majority of the residents in this Domiciliary are men. There is an all-women’s wing that contains 24 beds. Eight of these beds are designated for women attending the WTRC. Women in the WTRC will share a room with another WTRC resident (two residents to a room) and also share an adjoining bathroom with two other WTRC residents.

WTRC programming is only available to the women attending this program. The WTRC has a multidisciplinary staff including two Clinical Psychologists and a Social Science Specialist. A Registered Nurse is also assigned 20 hours to the WTRC. A Psychiatrist has dedicated time to address WTRC medication concerns. The WTRC has a medical support assistant whom executes the clerical/administrative functions.

Referrals are accepted from a Mental Health Professionals from any VA, Vet Center facility, or from the Sexual Assault Coordinator located at Fort Hood, TX. These referrals require detailed information in a screening packet and an agreement to provide or arrange for appropriate aftercare services. Veterans can also self-refer. If self-referred, the Veteran must make a discharge follow-up appointment with a mental health provider. Once the application is complete, a Domiciliary screening appointment will be made either via telephone or V-tel. From this appointment, and a review of available medical records, the Domiciliary Screening Team will determine acceptance or generate a decline. If declined, recommendations to increase appropriateness and readiness for treatment will be advanced.