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North Central Federal OPC


The staff welcomes you to the North Central Federal Clinic. We strive to provide high??quality, customer-friendly health care services to Veterans as well as TRICARE beneficiaries.


VA patients are assigned a Patient Aligned Care Team health care.? TRICARE patients are assigned to Family Medical Home health care team. These health care teams work collaboratively with other clinic staff to insure the best care available. Specialists are available by referral.


Nutrition Counseling(VA patients only)
Pharmacy Services
Laboratory Services
Radiology Services
Gender Specific Health Services(VA patients only)
Social Work Services(VA patients only)
Patient Education Programs
Mental Health Outpatient Services(VA patients only)
Your primary care provider, nurse, or the Health Benefits Advisor can answer any questions about these programs.


Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Operation New Dawn (OND)


Veterans Service Center:? 800-827-1000
VA Loan Guaranty (Home Loans):? 800-827-1000
Veterans Benefits Counselors:? 800-827-1000
Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling:? 210-699-5000
Texas Veterans Commission:? 210-699-5000
Disabled American Veterans:?? 210-699-5000


If you are a VA patient and need urgent medical care when the clinic is closed, please contact Telecare. Telecare provides 24-hour medical advice to Veterans by telephone. The service is available by dialing 888-686-6350. This service has bilingual capability and provides prompt, reliable, and courteous answers to patient questions.


The North Central Federal Clinic does not provide emergeny care services.? If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or your local medical emergency system.


Clinic visits are by scheduled appointment.? We recommend you check-in 15 minutes before your appointment time.? If you are late for your scheduled appointment, you may be asked to reschedule.? Please call the clinic at 210-483-2929 or 866??909??5731 if you need to cancel or change appointments.? If possible, please reschedule at that time.? Scheduling hours are 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Mondays - Fridays.

If you require care between appointments, we want to help.? Please call the Clinic at 210??483??2929 or contact your PACT. When contacting your PACT please provide the name of the patient , the last four numbers of the patient?۪s social security number, symptoms and duration of illness, and a telephone call-back number.? Calling ahead will decrease waiting times and we may be able to take care of the problem over the telephone.? If for any reason you are unable to contact the clinic nurse, please feel free to use the South Texas Veterans Health Care System?۪s TeleCare number at 888??686-6350.


After hours and on weekends and holidays, TeleCare provides telephone medical advice to Veterans.? This service has bilingual capability and provides prompt, reliable, and courteous answers to patients?۪ questions.? Veterans and their family members can contact the VA?۪s toll free number at 888-686-6350 to discuss medical concerns, access to care, medications, or any health problem.


Please request medication refills at least 10 days before your last dose is to be taken.? The TeleMed local telephone number is 210??617??5290 and the toll-free long distance number is 800-209-7377.?? A touch tone telephone is required to use TeleMed.? Refills may also be obtained by mailing your prescription refill slip to the Clinic or by using our 24-hour TeleMed refill service.? Medications and supplies prescribed by North Central Federal Clinic providers may be obtained through the North Central Federal Clinic Pharmacy during regular clinic hours.

For more detailed information, contact the Health Benefits Advisor at 210-483-5956.

Veterans??Our Healthcare Priority & Our National Pride

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