VA - Lubbock Outpatient Clinic

Lubbock OPC

Description of Program:

The Lubbock Outpatient Clinic? is designed to deliver primary care services to eligible Veterans living in Lubbock County and outlying areas.?

Services and Scope of Care:

Primary Care:
* Management of Acute and Chronic Diseases
* Compensation and Pension Exams
Specialty Care - Management of Acute & Chronic Diseases:
* Dermatology
* Optometry
* Ophthalmology
* Podiatry
* Urology
* Gynecology
Supporting Services:
* Social Services
* Laboratory
* Physical Therapy
* Radiology
* Pharmacy
* Dental Clinic
* Mental Health Clinic
* Blind Rehabilitation (VIST) Coordinator?
Patient Education

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8:00am ?? 4:30pm
(closed Saturday, Sunday and Federal holidays).


6104 Avenue Q South Drive, Lubbock, TX? 79412


For information about enrollment in the Lubbock Outpatient Clinic call Eligibility and Enrollment at
(806) 472-3436


Co-Pay may apply.

Patient Advocate Information:

Lubbock/Clovis (806) 472-3445.
The Patient Advocate is the point of contact when a veteran has a question, complaint or compliment regarding their care at the Amarillo VA Health Care System.

Other Pertinent Information:

No walk-in appointments are available at this facility. For appointments, call Telephone Linked Care (TLC) at the Amarillo VA Health Care System (806) 355-9703 or 1-800-687-8262.
To assist in your care and treatment, please bring all of your medications to your first appointment.

Emergency Care:

No emergency care is available at this facility.
For after hours emergency care call 911.