U.S.N. Armed Guard World War II Veterans Association

The U.S. Navy Armed Guard was a service branch of the United States Navy that was responsible for defending U.S. and Allied merchant ships from attack by enemy aircraft, submarines and surface ships during World War II. The men of the Armed Guard served as gunners, signal men and radio operators on cargo ships, tankers, troop ships and other merchant vessels. Disbanded following the end of the war, the Armed Guard is today little known or remembered by the general public, or even within the Navy. But without the courage and sacrifice of the men of the Armed Guard, victory in World War II would have been much more difficult and taken much longer. The merchant marine is collectively those commercial, non-naval ships that carry cargo or passengers or provide maritime services, and the civilian crewmen and officers who sail those ships. During World War II the ships and men of the United States merchant marine transported across the oceans of the world the vast quantities of war materiel, supplies, equipment and troops needed to fight and win that war. The men of the U.S. merchant marine were civilian volunteers who nonetheless died proportionally in numbers that rivaled or exceeded any branch of the uniformed military. Like the U.S. Navy Armed Guard with whom they sailed, the unsung men of the U.S. merchant marine made possible the Allied victory in World War II. Armed Guard veterans are invited to join the U.S.N. Armed Guard World War II Veterans Association, and veterans and their families are encouraged to contact the Association for other information and publications about the Armed Guard. The Association endorses, encourages and contributes to the Armed Guard website but does not own, control, fund or maintain the website. The Association publishes a very informative quarterly newsletter, The Pointer, and provides other services for its members. Information on individual Armed Guard personnel and the ships in which they served may be available from the Association. The founder and national Chairman of the U.S.N. Armed Guard World War II Veterans Association is C.A. Lloyd, who may be contacted at the following: C.A. Lloyd, Chairman,U.S.N. Armed Guard World War II Veterans Association, 115 Wall Creek Drive, Rolesville, NC 27571. Telephone: 919-570-0909; E-mail: clloyd@nc.rr.com