Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare

The Adult Mental Health Program provides supportive services to adults 18 and over with severe and persistent mental illness.  The needs of people served are diverse with a broad continuum of care from outpatient assessment to inpatient hospitalization with a strong focus on community-based psychosocial rehabilitation. 

Adult Mental Health Services

Access, Assessment and Referral »

Access, Assessment and Referral Services are provided initially to determine eligibility and level of need. Persons in crisis receive immediate intervention and services. Persons not in crisis receive a complete assessment within two weeks, during which time a level of need is determined.  The crisis hotline service (1-800-659-6994) answers and evaluates calls and will arrange for assessments at safe locations for those needing immediate intervention. 


Persons not in crisis receive a complete assessment within two weeks, during which a level of need is determined with a “package of services”.

Service Packages vary and include combinations of services such as medication, case management, therapy, skills training, supported housing, and supported employment.

Frequent re-evaluations are required to assess current need and changes in service packages.  

Tri-County programs have established capacity limits that may affect some persons seeking services.


Medication Services »

Medication Services are provided to all eligible persons who have a need for medication to treat mental illness. Prescriptions will be filled by private providers or through the East Texas Behavioral Healthcare Network. Length of time for receiving medications will be determined by a Psychiatrist or Nurse Practitioner. 


Case Management Services »

Case Management Services are provided to all persons served. These services monitor how a person is responding to treatment, develops treatment plans, links the person to other community agencies, and helps the person plan for discharge from Tri-County Services at the end of treatment.


Adult Rehabilitation Services »

Adult Rehabilitation Services are provided to all adults in compliance with Department of State Health Service requirements. Services involve a combination of case management and skills training and work to improve skills necessary for more independent and normal functioning. Services are provided in homes, community settings, and Tri-County facilities. 

Adult Supported Housing Services »

Adult Supported Housing Services are provided to persons who need assistance in locating a place to live. This may involve locating living arrangements, providing limited rental assistance, and providing training and assistance in meeting the requirements of living in a residence independently.  


Adult Supported Employment Services »

Adult Supported Employment Services are provided to persons who need assistance in locating and maintaining employment. This may involve training on how to find and keep a job, and support to respond to various employment challenges that arise.


Inpatient Services »  

Inpatient services are provided to both adults and children in crisis. Tri-County has contracts with inpatient hospitals and state facilities. Placement and length of stay are dependent on level of need and age.


Special Contract Services »

In addition to services provided under contract to Department of State Health Services, Tri-County Services enters into contracts with other service providers. These contracts often involve services to persons outside of state contract guidelines. Such services often involve therapy, disaster assistance, medication services, assessment services, etc. based on the contract eligibility criteria.

VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge