Texas Military Forces State Family Program

MISSION: To provide guidance, resources, support and training to Units, Service Members and their Families to empower them to face the challenges of service in the National Guard in state & national emergencies and through deployment phases.

PURPOSE: To increase Family Readiness of the Texas Military Forces by optimizing State capabilities to provide mission tailored support and training to units, Service Members and their Families throughout all phases of deployments.

About Family Readiness:
Family Readiness is a Commanders Program intended to foster a sense of well-being and increase the family readiness of the unit. Unit Commanders establish their Family Readiness Program by appointing a Family Readiness Group (FRG) Leader. The purpose of the FRG is to allow Guard members and their Families an opportunity to offer one another mutual support, outreach services, and official information. State Family Programs offers training and support services to Command chains, FRG volunteers, and TXMF Families to improve TXMF Family Readiness and increase their abilities to be self sustaining through all phases of deployments and state emergencies.

Who do I contact to join the Texas Military Forces?

Texas Army National Guard
-Recruiting (Statewide): (512) 782-6796

Texas Air National Guard
-136th Airlift Wing (Fort Worth): (800) 471-2496
-147th Reconnaissance Wing (Houston): (800) 841-5648
-149th Fighter Wing (San Antonio): (800) 529-4776
-204th Security Forces Squadron (El Paso): (915) 799-9625
-254th Combat Communications Group (Garland): (972) 494-7200

Texas State Guard
-Recruiting (Statewide): (512) 782-5101 

Programs for Family Members: 
Military Spouse
Career Phase: 
Active Duty or Deployed
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
General Under Honorable