Texas Council of Community Centers

Texans with mental illness, substance addictions and intellectual developmental disabilities have access to a well-funded, organized system of quality services and support that are responsive to individual choice and managed through a public system of Community Centers governed by volunteer trustees appointed by local government officials.   Texas Council Purpose The purpose of the Texas Council of Community Centers, Inc. is to provide an organization through which Community Centers can work together as a public system serving Texans with mental illness, intellectual developmental disabilities, and chemical dependency, and by this work, can expand and improve services in their local communities with other provider systems, deliver quality services needed by their consumers, and provide accountability to their sponsoring governmental entities, their other funding sources, and the State governance for its investments in services.   Texas Council Functions The functions of the Texas Council are conducted by a Board of Directors (one representative from the local board of trustees of each member Center), which employs an executive director. The Texas Council maintains an office in Austin where its committees, executive director, and staff accomplish the following on behalf of Texas Community Centers: Initiate and seek adoption of statutory recommendations to the Texas Legislature which will enhance and improve Community Center services. Initiate and seek the adoption of policy recommendations to State agencies which will enhance and improve community services. Provide critical issues identification and analysis to member Centers.Provide educational sessions and materials to assist Center trustees to perform their responsibilities. Promote the purpose and vision of Texas Community Centers. Build consensus among member Centers on solutions to issues and problems. Provide an opportunity for trustees to seek advice and consultation from other Board members. Develop, oversee, and/or sponsor pooled resource initiatives, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of Community Centers.