Stand Beside Them

Our mission is to provide free coaching and mentoring services to our returning service members and their families/caregivers during their transition to civilian life.

​     It's been reported that over 1,000,000 service members will be making this transition within the next five years.  For those who have been deployed to war zones, what happens after the initial euphoria fades, and our brave men and women are looking for jobs or housing, moving into an academic environment, or trying to renew relationships strained by long absences? You’ve probably heard the unemployment rate is 9.4% among veterans, and that is 2.3% percent higher than the already high percentage amongst the rest of our nation. That's only part of the picture.


     While progress is being made through hiring initiatives led by companies such as Home Depot, J. P. Morgan/Chase, General Electric, to name a few, it's become abundantly clear that we, as individual citizens, must get involved to make sure our veterans and their families are supported during their re-entry. The Veterans Administration (VA) has many hard-working and well-meaning souls, but it's simply not enough.  


      We at Stand Beside Them don't want to see any veteran stuck, isolated, or unable to find another fulfilling purpose after their military experience has completed. We are talking about our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, who have sacrificed, time and again... they've missed the birthday parties, soccer games, and family outings we all take for granted, bravely placing themselves in harm's way to protect us and our way of life.


      Our veterans value commitment, loyalty, integrity, and teamwork and have received the best training in the world. They are clearly our country's  best national resource;  We at Stand Beside Them are dedicated to helping them fulfill their tremendous potential.  

     Whether it is in seeking employment, starting a new business, going back to school, or trying something totally new that aligns with their skills and values, our coaches and mentors will partner with veterans and their families whenever  needed. Our heroes deserve a bright future..let's help them create it!

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