RWB - Team Red, White, and Blue - Houston

Team Red, White and Blue

Team RWB Mission

Team Red, White and Blue’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.


Team RWB Eagle Ethos

• Passion – we care more, we work harder, and we share our story

• People – veterans and community drive everything we do

• Positivity – we don’t ignore the challenges, we just stay positive and attack them

• Commitment – we are dedicated to each other, our mission, and our communities

• Camaraderie – we improve lives through genuine, personal relationships

• Community – this is what we are every level

Team RWB Membership

• To become an official member of Team RWB, you must join online at

• Membership is open to veterans, active or reserve military members as well as civilians who support America’s veterans.

Basically everyone is welcome as long as they support our veterans.

• There is no cost to join, but a donation to Team RWB is always appreciated. You can make a donation at

• Remember, obtaining membership is just the first step. Actively participating in Team RWB activities is the key to fulfilling our mission.

Chapter Events and Activities

Facebook Group - Join our official chapter Facebook page at to stay up to date on RWB related things happening around town. Please take a moment to read the Rules of Engagement before posting items on the chapter’s Facebook page.

Monthly Calendar and Newsletter -

The monthly newsletter and calendar will be emailed to the address you signed up with. Check your spam folder if you do not see it. If you believe you are not on the distribution list, contact the Deputy Chapter Captain by email 

Weekly Fitness Groups -

We have different workout groups across the greater Houston area that bring Eagles together on a weekly mbasis to engage in athletic enrichment. Feel free to attend as many of them as you want. If there are no active groups nearby, feel free to invite other Eagles to join you for a run, walk, bike ride, swim, tennis game, workout at the gym, etc. That is how most of our activity groups were started. Email the point of contact before attending for the first time. Click here for the latest listing of our fitness groups.

Wear The Eagle
Free Shirt for Veterans - If you have served in the military and checked the box “I am a veteran” when you signed up, the New Veteran Member Survey will be sent to the email address you have signed up with. Fill it out and on the bottom of the survey, you will find instructions on how to obtain your free shirt. The shipping and handling is not included.
RWB Store - - You can find a wide array of RWB apparel for men, women, kids and toddlers. You can also find sport specific clothing such as biking and triathlon clothing with the Eagle logo. All of your purchases support our veteran programs!
Guidelines - Just like our service members who proudly wear ournation’s uniform, please be aware that your actions impact the Team RWB organization as a whole. Use your common sense and good judgement when representing Team RWB in public. When wearing the Eagle, avoid situations that may reflect negatively upon yourself and the organization that you support.


National Events and Camps
Click on this link to see upcoming events all across the nation. If you happen to be traveling, check to see if there will be an opportunity to meet Eagles in other chapters! Wear the Eagle when you participate in out of state races and activities help raise awareness for what we do.

Leadership Athletic Camps: These events are tremendous opportunities for Eagles to learn or improve on a physical activity that they can take home to their local chapter in and impact it with their newly developed skills. There are camps that specialize in triathlon, trail running, rock climbing, ruck marching etc. This is part of the leadership training offered to select volunteer leaders.

To apply for these special opportunities, contact the chapter captain when he announces the upcoming camps on Facebook page or through the newsletter.