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Trauma affects individuals on mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual levels.

Problems with post traumatic stress requires a full-spectrum approach to healing. Many in the healing professions now recognize that traditional therapies alone are not completely successful in fully treating the variety of effects and symptoms of trauma. Our approach is to facilitate the integration of alternative, organic treatment modalities with traditional therapies in order to better treat the whole person, including family and community.

PTSD Recovery Retreat
This retreat combines traditional treatment approaches and alternative methodologies used since ancient times. It introduces key concepts and experiences, with the goal to provide information and teach skills for coping with trauma and PTSD in everyday living situations. The reteat process is foundational to all of the programs and retreats offered by the Foundation.

The causes of PTSD are many, including childhood abuse or neglect, accidents, hospitalizations, sexual abuse or assault, relationship abuse and more. If you are wondering whether you might be a trauma survivor, regardless of any current diagnosis, here is a brief test of many symptoms of PTSD.

If you have experienced any of thes forms of trauma, this program was designed for you, based on our previous experience with the Returning Warriors and STAR programs. 
The next retreat in the Austin, Texas area is scheduled for April 28-May 2, 2016.
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Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery (STAR)™
This program applies the same ancient concepts and techniques used successfully in the Returning Warriors™ program to the treatment of survivors of sexual abuse and trauma. Such trauma may result from a broad range of experiences, such as overt or covert incest as a child, as well as rape and assault in any time of one's life. They may happen to both men and women.
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Returning Warriors™ Program
The weekend and weeklong Returning Warriors™ retreats applies these traditional and alternative approaches to the unique effects of war trauma.
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Donations and Fundraising
Ravens Grove Foundation for Healing is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations and contributions in support of the Foundation and our work are tax deductible.
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Ravens Grove Foundation needs and appreciates your efforts in creating local community fundraising programs to help support our work and to provide scholarships for participants who cannot afford care. Public support of the program and Foundation is very valuable and important.

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