Oscar Mike Foundation


Mission: To keep injured Veterans “On the Move” in all aspects of life.

Vision: The Oscar Mike Foundation wants to see all injured Veterans utilize their full potential and live rewarding and productive lives.

We utilize 100% of the donations to the Oscar Mike Foundation and all profits from Oscar Mike Apparel sales to provide financial support to injured Veterans looking for an opportunity to stay active through adaptive sporting events.

By focusing on the arena of adaptive sports, the Oscar Mike Foundation assists in offering an outlet for an ongoing competitive lifestyle to the thousands of American Veterans who have given the most in the service of their country.

What Makes Us Different: We are VETERAN OWNED.

The Oscar Mike Foundation was founded by injured Veterans who understand what other injured Veterans need to get “On the Move” and remain productive members of society. We can relate to them, because we are them.

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You Can Help: Donations are the lifeblood of the Oscar Mike Foundation. This is your chance to give back to our injured Veterans. When you donate to the Oscar Mike Foundation you become a supporter of injured Veterans and rehabilitative sporting events. We understand the value of adaptive sports’ ability to increase an injured Veteran’s “mental toughness” and we provide the financial bridge to get them to the events that propel their recovery.

YOU can directly contribute to helping Veterans meet their rehabilitation goals and reimagine their full potential by donating to the Oscar Mike Foundation.