Operation Supply Drop

“While in Iraq in 2003, our infantry company received a crate of third-hand harlequin romance novels donated from a library. We ended up using them for target practice on the test fire range, but it was then I realized: people back home want to help, but they don’t know what soldiers want.”
Captain Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga – Founder

OSD was created as a way for Captain Stephen Machuga to support the troops with his love of video gaming. Founded in 2010 after having worked with other charity efforts, Captain Machuga’s first supply drop to the troops was to none other than his driver from Iraq, Geoff, who had re-enlisted and been sent to Afghanistan.


Captain Machuga reached out to his contacts within the games industry to get some support, where he received his first real donation of games from Activision’s social media manager Dan “One of Swords” Amrich. It was this bounty of Guitar Hero bundles and games that really got the charity off the ground, not only giving him a small inventory to work with, but the confidence to go to other developers and publishers and ask for games and gear on behalf of the military. Word quickly spread that some crazy Captain was sending thousands of dollars in video games to soldiers as long as you could prove you were in a combat zone.

Since 2010, OSD has steadily grown programs to better serve the current generation of troops in the most relevant way possible and now stands as one of the most promising military support non-profit organizations.

Mission, Vision & Purpose (The Real MVP)

Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)(3) military charity supporting active-duty and veteran troops of the United States Military and Her Allies with gaming since 2010.


To provide a community connection to troops through video games and digital entertainment.


To become the most generationally relevant active-duty and veteran support organization in the world.


– “Make Fun Where There is None” by preparing and sending video game care packages downrange and to military recovery hospitals. Program: Supply Drops
– Provide experiences for troops in the video gaming industry as a recognition for their service as well as to foster networking for future opportunities. Program: Thank You Deployment
– Facilitate online and offline community to further integrate the military and civilian networks using gaming as a catalyst to help veterans. Program: Thank you Deployment, The Teams
– Seek veterans in video gaming eduction programs to provide financial aid and opportunity through internships as well as assist in finding industry employment opportunities. Programs: The Teams, Thank You Deployment
– Identify, advise and evangelize veteran-owned businesses in the video gaming industry so that their success will inspire others. Program: Veteran-owned Business

The Mission

Founded in 2010, Operation Supply Drop (TAX ID: 27-3842517) brings Veterans and Civilian Supporters together. We are the most-generationally relevant veteran support organization on the planet serving US, NATO and ANZAC veterans via 3 primary programs: The Teams, Supply Drops & Thank You Deployments.

Supply Drop Program

We assemble care packages which we send to veterans deployed as well as to those in hospitals or to military installations across the world along with supporting events like homecomings, family days, Christmas parties and deployment ceremonies. This is not just US veterans, it is our allies as well. Care packages are littered with amazing games, products, apparel and many other items that truly do “Bring Fun Where There is None”. If you have ever been away from a friend or family and received a letter from them, that is the feeling a Supply Drop brings to veterans. This program serves to boost morale for those serving as well as their families. It’s also the entry point for many into the Operation Supply Drop Community.


Thank You Deployment Program

Sends veterans to various events across the world with a civilian counterparts. An example is the Thank You Deployment we recently had in Sonoma, California where some Veteran and a Chapter Team member civilian got an opportunity to see racing first hand and were treated as VIP’s. This is an opportunity for both to learn each other’s story while enjoying some well deserved fun. We structure these to create a shared experience which develops a relationship lasting beyond the event and into the growth of The Teams program.


The Teams Program

Locally based chapters of Veterans and Civilian Supporters, working together to directly address lowering veteran suicide, depression, homelessness, and unemployment. In person Chapters of The Teams across the world come together during their monthly “Mandatory Fun” social events. These events range from gaming, bowling, movies, baseball games, volunteering in their community and the list goes on. One of the toughest things for veterans is being socially connected with those outside of the military. Operation Supply Drop is devoted to bridging that gap and bringing military veterans/civilians together. The Teams help create a stable environment, create networking opportunities, and finally create a support mechanism for veterans/civilians in times of need. This has already been proven to be a vital program and we look forward to it’s continued growth.