Operation Military Embrace

Founded in 2005, the Mission Statement of Operation Military Embrace is:

 Remembering Vietnam, “OME” is dedicated to ensuring that OIF (Iraq) and OEF (Afghanistan) veterans and all who served during this period of war are not treated with hostility and disrespect as were those who served with honor and distinction in Vietnam. Operation Military Embrace, a Christ-centered 501 (c) (3) military-support charity, achieves this objective through the grace of God by working to increase public awareness regarding the challenges faced by America's military & their families while providing financial assistance, direct support via the nation's only free PX (Post Exchange) , and motivational activities & programs for seriously wounded, ill or injured service members & their families across all of America's combat arms for up to 10 years after EAS/discharge.

To read more about this organization, visit http://www.operationmilitaryembrace.com/our-story/ 


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