Operation Homefront of Texas

MISSION Operation Homefront (OH) provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.  Operation Homefront assists military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance in the form of food boxes, gift certificates to grocery stores, or food vouchers to the commissary. While we are not a long term solution for chronic financial problems and provide enough assistance for one week of food per client family, we are able to provide emergency food assistance to those families that find themselves in a budget crunch and will assist clients in identifying additional food resources. 

For military families that are coping with deployment or injury recovery, Operation Homefront offers auto repair assistance through authorized service centers for the vehicle that serves as the primary means of transportation. Operation Homefront provides military families coping with deployment and injury recovery assistance with local moves. We can provide the physical labor or a moving company to assist a family.

Operation Home front also aids with:

Vision Care, Homefront Celebrations, Operation Homefront Villages, Financial Assistance, Child and Dependent Care, Travel and Transportation, Home Repair, Essential Home Items, Morale Donated Items, Morale Holiday Programs, Community Events, Wounded Warrior Wives, Military Child of the Year®, and OH Community.

VISION Through generous, widespread public support and a collaborative team of exceptional staff and volunteers, we aspire to become the provider of choice for emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors. Where there is a need we do not provide, we will partner with others for the benefit of our military families.  

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Operation Homefront. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have or provide you with additional information about any of our programs. Please let us know how we can assist you. If you need to contact someone about emergency financial assistance, please call the Emergency Assistance Line at: 1-877-264-3968 (toll free); 210-549-4600 (local); and 1-855-552-0838 (fax).

Southern Plains Office
608 SW D Ave
Lawton, OK 73501-4560
Phone: (580) 581-0772
Toll Free: (866) 316-9170
Fax: (866) 493-3110
1355 Central Parkway S, Ste. 100
San Antonio, TX 78232
Phone: (210) 659-7756
Toll Free: (800) 722-6098
Fax: (210) 566-7544

VALUES Honor Patriotism and Service to Country:

We believe those who wear our country's uniform do so with a sense of duty, knowing they support the causes of freedom. We serve by serving them and their families. 

Do What's Right: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. We believe that honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of providing our services.

We are careful stewards of the resources provided by our donors. We strive to be good citizens and we take responsibility for our actions. 

Respect Others: We recognize that our success as an enterprise depends on the talent, skills and expertise of our people and our ability to function as a tightly integrated team. We appreciate our diversity and believe that respect - for our colleagues, clients, partners, and all those with whom we interact - is an essential element of all positive and productive relationships.  Perform With Excellence:

We understand the importance of our mission and the trust our clients and donors place in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our activities and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

Era of Service: 
OEF-OIF Post 9-11
Career Phase: 
Transitioning Military
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
General Under Honorable
Other than Honorable