National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS)

NAUS represents our members' interests in Washington — not the other way around. With each election, fewer government leaders serving in the Administration and Congress have any military experience. For example, 75% of Congress and 95% of their staffs have none!  These leaders must be educated about the promises made in exchange for 20 or more years of service defending this nation and the unique needs of the military community. Government leaders must understand that military and veteran entitlements are earned compensation — not needs based — and must be honored.  No other national military related organization represents so broad a spectrum of interests. We bring together the diverse concerns, needs and resources of all the services, branches, grades and components, active duty, retired, National Guard, reserve, other veterans, spouses, survivors and all Americans who support our interests into a strong, unified legislative force!  Working at the grassroots level you can help us at the national level bring pressure on legislators to preserve and protect promised and earned benefits and ensure a strong national defense. NAUS Chapters are organized for maximum "grassroots" support.  Like many national organizations, NAUS is organized into local chapters. Chapters provide a community connection with other NAUS members in the same vicinity, and offer opportunities to affect legislation from the grassroots level.  Chapters are chartered by NAUS national headquarters upon meeting certain requirements and establishing by-laws consistent with NAUS guidelines, but are considered separate and independent organizations from the NAUS national headquarters. Chapters are responsible for their own governance, finances and operations. Chapters may establish chapter membership dues (in addition to NAUS membership dues). NAUS has dozens of chapters in the U.S. and overseas ranging in size from a few dozen NAUS members to more than 400!


Austin TX #10
Gen. Bob Bernstein 
Bob Larson, MSgt, USAF (Ret)
5007 Parell Path
Austin, TX 78744
(512) 443-8072

Central Texas TX #17
Hal Cleveland, AZ1, USN (Ret)
Burleson, TX 
(817) 295-7466 

Dallas TX #5 
Greater Dallas
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Walter Lynch, CW3, USA (Ret)
2107 Rockbrook Dr.
Arlington, TX 76006
(817) 261-8235

Fort Worth TX #12
John M. Urbank, TSgt, USAF (Ret) 
7501 Overhill Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76116-9017
(817) 731-3170

El Paso TX #16
Bill Ryerson 
Dexter Lyerly, MAJ, USA (Ret)
El Paso
(915) 585-9619

San Antonio TX 
NOTE: New leaders needed for chapter.
Please contact: 
Art Mace, COL, USA (Ret)
7767 Mountain Trail
Boerne, TX 78015
(210) 698-1634