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The Military Order of  the World Wars is a patriotic nonpartisan organization, and was established in 1919 to promote the welfare of our Nation.   The Order provides an opportunity for Officers of all of the Uniformed Services to unite in a strong program to promote National Security, Patriotism, Good Citizenship and Service to Country.  The chapter holds regular meetings to hear important speakers and to plan for the  support of outreach programs in support of the Preamble of the Order.


To cherish the memories and associations of the World Wars waged for humanity;

To inculcate and stimulate love of our Country and the Flag;

To promote and further patriotic education in our Nation;

Ever to maintain law and order, and to defend the honor, integrity, and supremacy of our National Government and the Constitution of the United States;

To foster fraternal relations among all branches of the Armed Forces;

To promote the cultivation of Military, Naval and Air Science and the adoption of a consistent and suitable policy of National Security for the United States of America;

To acquire and preserve records of individual services;

To encourage and assist in the holding of commemorations and the establishment of Memorials of the World Wars;

And to transmit all these ideals to posterity, under God and for our Country, we unite to establish; "The Military Order of the World Wars."

MOWW History

Originally incorporated as the "American Officers of the Great War," the name became "The Military Order of the World War" at the very first convention held in Detroit , Michigan , in September of 1920. One of the most significant items of business that was considered at the first convention was the adoption of "The Preamble" to the Constitution of the Order. In its nine tenets it sets forth the focus and purposes of this organization. The Preamble was written by Captain Francis B. Grevemberg, a Charter Member of the New Orleans Chapter, in 1919, who was a delegate to the 1920 convention. Captain Grevemberg was traveling by train, enroute to the Detroit Convention, when he drafted the document on the back of an envelope. The Preamble remains today as written by Captain Grevemberg, and is proudly on display at our National Headquarters, in Alexandria , Virginia .

The Austin chapter was chartered on 10 July, 1972.

COL Leon Holland, USA (Ret) Email: phone (512) 426-5146

Adjutant is Lt. Col J.R. Howard USAF (Ret) Email: phone (512) 255-2206

VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge