Marriage Management, Inc.

Marriage Education and Resiliency Skills Classes for Military Members and Families
Re-adjustment to home life after deployment creates incredible stress in any marriage. Research shows that many military marriages fall apart within two years after one spouse has been combat deployed. Our programs offer educational support to help manage the unique challenges of re-adjusting to marriage and family life.

Informative, fun, interactive classes teach resiliency skills that help military members and their spouses understand the changes in their marriage and rebuild a strong loving relationship before a divorce breaks up the family.

These classes are neither treatment nor counseling. We provide a safe place to build communication in private. Good relationship skills create a solid foundation to deal positively with issues and problems at any level.

Military Marriage Enrichment formats include one-day modular workshops or weekend retreats.

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Services are provided to active military members, National Guard, Reservists, Veterans and their families.

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