Lone Star Military Resource Group

Providing resources and information to past/present military members and their families in Cherokee County and beyond.
Company Overview
  • Bradley Erickson
  • Lois Hutson -Farm Support Specialist/Resource Development

The Military Veterans’ Peer Network is comprised of active duty, National Guard, veterans and family members.  Collectively we work within our local communities to identify and build relationships with veterans.  MVPN connects veterans and their families to directly to local, state and federal resources through an active group of MVPN members. Once becoming a member, you have an opportunity to engage with your community and use your skills to help veterans, find resources and get involved in our support groups.


We are serving both Anderson and Cherokee County.

No Requirement
Era of Service: 
No Requirement
Career Phase: 
No Requirement
VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge