Hope Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the H.O.P.E. Institute founded?

More than a decade and ago during the midst of our founder's military career, she received a God-inspired vision centered on service to others. God spoke to her with fervor and clarity! These words still resonate in her mind and will forever be indelibly etched in her heart and soul: “I want you to take care of my children…those who are serious about changing their lives but lack the resources to make that transition.” Out of this ten-year journey spawned H.O.P.E. Institute…the Beginning of  Second Chances!

What is the House of Peace?

H.O.P.E. Institute’s debut initiative is the “House of Peace" (HoP). HoP provides quality living and a comprehensive life management curriculum in a drug-and-alcohol-free environment for female Veterans.

How do I enroll?

Complete and email the registration form found under the ‘location and contact’ tab.

Who is eligible?

Homeless to low-moderate income Female Veterans with and without dependent children.

To Be Accepted, You Must Be:

• Committed to Participating in a Structured Two-year Personal Development Program
• Able and Willing to Participate in Education, Job Training, and Employment
• Receiving Public Assistance or have Limited Income
• Homeless or Low-Income and between the Ages of 18 and 61
• Single or Married, with or without Children
• Not Actively Abusing Drugs or Alcohol
• Able to Function Independently