Hire a Hero

Soldiers in uniform network with business professionals.

In 2006 the Armed Forces Support Foundation (501(c)(3) was created, along with Hire A Hero, to provide free employment services to returning service members and their families. Hire A Hero was created as a pipeline for service members and their families to reach out and connect to people through online social networking tools that would allow them to make connections to find a rewarding career. Our research and experience suggests that conventional job boards fail to identify the specific needs of returning veterans and did not effectively connect them with the wider military community. Hire A Hero is a national program that was created to address this gap. Over the past three years, Hire A Hero has grown into a nation-wide resources the connects the growing number of unemployed veterans with job opportunities, education, and social services to help them re-integrate back into the civilian workforce. Today Hire A Hero has over 300,000 registrations and see's over 3 million unique visits a year, helping 3 out of 10 veterans find a new career.



Career Phase: 
Active Duty or Deployed
Transitioning Military