Green Doors

 Our Vision:

One day, all Central Texas families and individuals will have the opportunity to live in affordable, safe, quality housing.

Our Mission:

Green Doors' mission is to prevent and help end homelessness and poverty housing for those working to achieve independent living in Central Texas. Green Doors accomplishes this by: creating affordable, safe, quality housing; providing residents with access to supportive services; and educating about, and advocating for, individuals and families struggling with homelessness and at-risk for homelessness. Founded in 1990 by a formerly homeless young woman, Green Doors' mission is to prevent and help end homelessness and poverty housing for those working to achieve independent living in Central Texas.

When you think of the word "homeless," what image comes to mind? Do you think about: A recently disabled veteran who has not yet been able to obtain her benefits? A young woman with children fleeing an abusive relationship? A senior citizen with a disability and no support system? A family hit hard by the economic downturn? These are real families and individuals who have faced homelessness in the Austin area. Green Doors' goal is to return residents to self-sufficiency through stable housing, individualized case management and self-sufficiency programs.

What facts should you know about Veteran Homelessness?  According to research, 47% of homeless Veterans served during the Vietnam Era, more than 67% served our country for at least three years, and 33% were stationed in a war zone. See THIS PAGE for more statistics. Green Doors provides transitional housing and access to supportive services for homeless veterans, through its Transitional Veterans Re-Entry Housing program. This flagship program serves roughly 60 male and female veterans annually in houses throughout South and Southeast Austin. Green Doors' "scattered site" model was developed in response to the specific needs of the homeless veterans it serves. In order to enroll in the program an individual must have reached the point in his/her transition from homelessness that he/she is ready and committed to achieving independent living. The scattered sites mimic living arrangements after program exit, and offer veteran residents the opportunity to assimilate and adopt many of the life skills necessary to successfully transition, including money management, being good neighbors, and obtaining income through sustained employment. Residents pay a rent of no more than 30% of their adjusted monthly income. These single-family homes, which residents share as roommates, are embedded in Austin's middle-class neighborhoods. Houses and yards are well maintained and blend unobtrusively in their respective neighborhoods. All homes are fully furnished and contain a washer and dryer, making laundry easy for all residents. The organization also provides residents with a weekly food pantry, a computer with Internet access, household necessities and telephone service with individual voice mailboxes. Green Doors also coordinates supportive services through a partnership with the Veterans Administration. Intensive case management services ensure veterans are pursuing a path towards self-sufficiency.

Case management services include: outreach, creating and maintaining a service plan, referral to counseling, job and life skills training, and continuing education. Read full details about the Transitional Veterans Re-Entry Housing Program RIGHT HERE. There are many ways that Green Doors can use VOLUNTEERS and other help, from financial contributions to landscaping and in-kind.

VA Disability Rating Requirement: 
No Disability Requirement
Discharges Allowed: 
No Minimum Discharge