Gathering of Eagles

Eagle in front of flag, next to words 'gathering of eagles, inc.'

 This site is dedicated to Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Our mission is to promote Patriotism and Love of Country. We accomplish this by conducting educational symposiums to motivate and inspire middle and high school students to take Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) courses now to better prepare themselves for future skilled jobs. As speakers, we invite Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, NASA Astronauts and key business leaders. In this way, we contribute to strengthening the students character as they develop into better American Citizens.


The Gathering of Eagles (GOE) is an umbrella organization of leaders from other veteran organizations around Harris county. For example, veterans attend from:

  • VVAs, DAVs, VFWs
  • Lone Star Korean War Assoc.
  • Lone Star Veteran Org. (OIF/OEF)
  • Last Patrol Ranch Post #2
  • American GI Forum
  • Buffalo Soldiers
  • Maxwell Taylor Korean Vet. Org.
  • American Legions, Buffalo Soldiers
  • Tejano Veteran Association

Since the GOE is comprised of leaders from other organizations, the GOE does not elect a permanent commander, maintain a membership roster, issue membership cards or collect dues. Rather, we share running the organization by rotating the Chairmanship between members.  This sharing of the leadership emphasizes the fact that we exist for camaraderie and not to play internal political games.  We gather to share information, help one another, and execute our Mission and Objectives.