Foundation for the Homeless

FFH helps to provide services to prevent homelessness & shelter to families within Austin. Volunteer or donate:

To mobilize the resources of the community of faith to alleviate homelessness in the spirit of compassion, hope, and love.

Company Overview
For nearly 20 years, Foundation for the Homeless, Inc., (FFH) has served both chronically homeless individuals and the so-called “invisible” or “temporarily” homeless families of the Austin area. 

These are families who are in crisis following a major illness, job or transportation loss, loss of a loved one or a bad divorce. They have lived with other families or friends, in hotels, or in their cars until this is no longer possible, and often have trouble admitting to themselves or others that they are homeless. 

FFH works to organize resources from the faith communities to alleviate the suffering of homeless people in Austin, Texas.

FFH assists people in their work toward a self-sufficient lifestyle. FFH carries out its work by building relationships between thousand of volunteers from local faith communities and homeless families with children.




Breakfast Program-

The original program of Foundation For the Homeless, Inc., the Breakfast Program, found its roots in 1986 when June Davis's bible study group, comprised of about 100 women from Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church and other churches, began bringing donuts to 2nd Street for the day laborers standing in line. The program was originally termed the 2nd Street Ministry....