Career and Recovery Resources, Inc.

Veteran and Housing Services:

We offer counseling, education and training, and support in integrative programs developed from evidence-based models in which the client is an active participant.  These services are provided at no cost to our clients.

Program Background:  The State of Texas is home to a large population of military veterans.  It is estimated that the number of veterans in the Houston area alone is approximately 300,000.  In 2009-10, CRR was chosen by the Department of Labor to reintegrate homeless veterans into the community and workforce, and in 2011 was selected by the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide “Supportive Services for Veteran Families,” including housing assistance and job placement. CRR hosts the Veteran Services Business Advisory Committee (VetBAC) group meetings, facilitating collaboration among groups providing services to veterans.  Over the past three years, approximately 2,000 veterans have found employment through CRR and we were acknowledged for our pivotal role in achieving “Virtual Zero” in veteran homelessness in Houston.

At CRR, homeless and at-risk veteran families are assisted with maintaining their housing or with rapid re-housing through comprehensive supportive services. Services include: case management, rental and utility assistance, housing counseling and financial support  financial literacy, navigation assistance to access mainstream VA benefits, and employment support.  

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program , strives to leverage funding and our numerous community partnerships, to prevent homelessness and enhance the housing stability of very low-income veteran families. Since loss of a job is the # 1 trigger causing homelessness, this program has a strong job placement component. To qualify, the veteran families must be homeless or at-risk for homelessness and earning less than 50% of the Area Mean Family Income. (HUD Definition)

Our Returning Veterans Program, helps all veterans (regardless of homeless status or type of discharge) to find and retain employment.

In addition to receiving Government funding for our Veterans program, we also received support from JPMorgan Chase and the United Way of Greater Houston.   

Career Phase: 
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