Blue Alliance


"Man's flight through life is sustained by the power of his knowledge" 

Blue Alliance is the organization of over 175 proud U. S. Air Force Academy alumni who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender joined by our supporters and friends. We are dedicated to doing our part to support the mission of the U. S. Air Force Academy in providing excellence in the development and training of our nation's future leaders.

We also strive for providing a path for "reconnection" for the many LGBT USAFA alumni who have over time been disassociated from the Academy and the AOG because of their sexuality or gender identity.


Blue Alliance has three mission statements for our organization.

  1. Facilitate peer support, professional networking, and mentorship among LGBT alumni of the US Air Force Academy.
  2. Promote respect, through education and advocacy, for LGBT individuals at the Air Force Academy, within the Academy's alumni community, and throughout the entire United States Air Force.
  3. Maintain a framework of safety that protects the privacy needs of each individual participant.
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No Disability Requirement
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No Minimum Discharge