Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County

We of Behavioral Health Center of Nueces County are dedicated to helping the residents of Nueces County who struggle with mental illness and/or intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each year we serve over 10,000 people with such issues as job search, medication counseling, and benefits support.

Crisis Hotline #: 1-888-767-4493

Crisis Hotline/Screening & Intervention 
A continuously staffed telephone service available 24-hours a day, seven days a week to provide information, support, and referrals to individuals experiencing a psychiatric crisis. Screenings are conducted by telephone or face-to-face by a qualified professional to determine the need for an in-depth assessment. Consultation with a psychiatrist is available based on the seriousness of the crisis. Referrals to services are made as needed.

Mobile Crisis Outreach Team 
Crisis services including follow-up and relapse prevention are provided to individuals experiencing crises. Services are designed to reach individuals at their place of residence, school and/or other community-based safe locations, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The Mobile Crisis Outreach Team may transport an individual for the purpose of obtaining crisis services or if the Team determines the person cannot be transported safely, staff may arrange for or coordinate transportation with law enforcement.

Intake/Assessment/Referral – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970
The first step for adults who wish to receive or who are referred for mental health services is an assessment by qualified professionals. Necessary documentation including evaluations and treatment plans are completed. Service recommendations/assignments are made considering needs and preferences. Individuals who do not qualify for admission to services are referred to other community resources. Persons interested in services must show proof of residency, photo identification, and verification of any third party insurance coverage, if available.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

An evidenced based, intensive community-based psychosocial rehabilitation service provided to individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses who have a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, chronic homelessness, and involvement with the judicial system. The program provides an interdisciplinary treatment team which consists of a dedicated psychiatrist, nurses, peer specialist, and Rehab Teachers to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining independence within our community. Staff provide education about mental illness, training on how to decrease and manage symptoms using the evidenced based Illness Management and Recovery Curricula. Services may also include individualized assistance in finding and maintaining community-based housing.

Assertive Rehabilitation Treatment (ART) – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970
Provides continuity of care for special needs offenders leaving the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Correctional Institutions. In addition, ART provides intensive and transitional case management programs for special needs offenders on probation or parole living in the community. These programs pair a specially trained qualified mental health professional with a specialized criminal justice supervision officer to provide a hybrid model of criminal justice supervision and mental health care focused on diversion and extended community tenure. Services include case management, psychiatric services, rehabilitative skills training, individual or group counseling, and pre-release screening.
Chronic Homeless Intervention Program (CHIP) – 5501 IH 37, 361-826-5350

For individuals/families experiencing homelessness, CHIP provides substance abuse services and mental health services which include detox, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment, counseling, case management, psychiatric services, permanent housing, emergency shelter,

transportation, job training and placement and medical care.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

Counseling services for short-term counseling needs are available to eligible individuals based on diagnosis and assessment.

Continuity of Care – 2446 Morgan Ave., 361-902-6897

Monitors discharges from state supported living centers, state hospitals and nursing homes. Coordinates enrollments for Medicaid Waiver programs and maintains the county-wide waiting list for Home and Community Services.

Crime Victims Services – 1626 S. Brownlee, 361-886-1367

Counseling, support, and education are provided to victims of crime. The services are funded by a grant from the Office of the Attorney General of Texas.
Crisis Respite – “Pathways” Home – 1642 S. Brownlee, 361-886-6938

Provides twenty-four hour respite and crisis intervention/prevention services. The goal is to provide support during crisis situations, after hospitalizations and to prevent hospitalizations when not medically necessary. Services are provided in a non-medical setting to assist persons in managing

their crisis situation and to help them return to community living as soon as possible.
Integrated Health – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

Primary medical care services, psychiatric services and screening for substance use disorders are available for adults upon referral. Persons diagnosed with chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes as well as a mental health disorder are eligible for services. Providers coordinate and collaborate in care decisions to provide the best integrated care and promote overall health and wellness.

La Mariposa New Life Wellness Center – 1602 10th Street, 361-886-1420

Certified Peer Specialists provide open access to support and resources on a daily basis at the Peer-Run Day Center. Services and support offered include Whole Health and Resiliency groups, exercise, computer resources, and health education.

Medication Management – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

Provides physician services to prescribe and maintain medications. Services also include medication monitoring and education to better treat and inform the person of the need for continuous treatment.

Mental Health First Aid – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

An 8 hour training course that teaches course participants how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Course participants learn how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and addictions. The course is delivered by certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) USA instructors who complete a 5-day training and meet certification requirements. There are two courses available Adult MHFA and Youth MHFA. Each course teaches risk factors, introduces the 5 step action plan, and provides resources.

Patient Navigation Services – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

Assigns a caseworker to consumers who are enrolled in mental health services and are eligible for primary care services. The role of the caseworker is to coordinates health care, tracks client care, and provides health education, guiding the client through an integrated health care delivery system. The goal is to connect patients to primary care as well as to divert non-urgent care from the Emergency Department to site-appropriate locations.

Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) – 1626 S. Brownlee, 361-886-1357

Identifies homeless individuals who have a mental illness and links them to ongoing mental health services and resources. Services include outreach screening, diagnostic assessment, treatment and assistance with housing needs. In addition, services to reach homeless individuals are also offered.

 Psychosocial Rehabilitation – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

Provides education about mental illness, training on how to decrease and manage symptoms, reduces relapse and hospitalizations while increasing quality of life. Our staff work in collaboration with those we serve utilizing the evidenced based Illness Management and Recovery curricula. Services include community and office based individual and group training which focuses on goals for recovery as defined by those we serve. Staff assist individuals in developing their natural supports, community resources, and personal strengths so that individuals can live the life they desire. Services may also include individualized assistance in obtaining and maintaining community-based housing.

Robstown Clinic – 1038 Texas Yes Blvd., Robstown, TX, 361-886-1445

Provides services to people eligible and residing in the western portion of Nueces County. Services include assessments, psychiatric services, psychiatric medications, nursing services, service coordination, rehabilitative services and counseling services for adults and children.

Routine Case Management and Skills Training – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

Case Managers assist individuals in gaining access to medical, social, educational, and other community based resources which help increase their quality of life, independence, and community connection. Service activities include individualized recovery planning which focuses on the goals the individual develops for themselves in collaboration with staff, education about mental illness, skills training in symptom management, budgeting, housing, and employment. Services may also include individualized assistance in obtaining and maintaining community-based housing.

Supported Employment – 1546 S. Brownlee, 78404, (361) 886-6970

The goal is to secure and maintain employment for individuals with a mental illness. Service activities include providing individualized assistance in choosing and obtaining employment, integrating work sites in regular community jobs, and creating long-term support systems, provided by identified staff, which assist consumers in learning to maintain employment and/or search for employment on their own. Additional services include job readiness, job interview training, job coaching, job search, job development and follow-up with the individual and the employer.

Veteran Support Services – 1626 S. Brownlee, 361-886-1086

Initiates, enhances, and expands awareness for community-based behavioral health resources and services for veterans. Facilitates the establishment of veteran-facilitated peer-to-peer support groups for behavioral health issues utilizing BRING EVERYONE IN THE ZONE curriculum-based training. Provides community resource coordination related to basic needs (e.g. food, shelter, clothing, employment, mental health, physical health) for veterans.

Youth Mental Health Services– 3733 S. Port Ave., 361-851-6726

Mental Health Services are available for children & adolescents. An assessment is completed by a licensed professional to access a comprehensive array of behavioral health services that are designed to improve a child’s functioning and reduce symptoms associated with behavioral and emotional disorders. Services include assessment, medication training and support, parent support groups, family partner, psychiatric evaluation, pharmacological management, counseling, skills training and development, case management, crisis intervention and inpatient crisis stabilization.

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) Waiver – 3733 S. Port Ave., 1-844-253-4947
A Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver that allows for more flexibility in the funding of intensive community-based services to assist children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbance to live in the community with their families. To obtain more information or to get registered on the inquiry list for Nueces County, please call 1-844-253-4947.