Atlantis Health Services

Atlantis Health Services is an outpatient clinic that has been providing recovery for people with mental disorders since 2006.

The adolescent services available are design to treat the disease while helping the individual achieve personal growth and wellbeing through counseling, education and rehabilitation.

Services are provided for All-Medicaid eligible children and adolescents ages 11 to 17 years old that are enrolled with healthcare management companies such as Molina, Amerigroup or El Paso First.

Psychiatric Diagnosis
Face to face interview by a licensed professional to obtain the child/adolescent’s psychiatric diagnosis and treatment needs.

Child/adolescent, family and group therapy focused on the management of symptoms while increasing the child/adolescent’s ability to perform daily activities to their full potential.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation
In-person sessions with child/ adolescent and family that help address and resolve emotional disturbances  and symptom-related problems that interfere with the child/adolescent’s functioning.