The American Fallen Soldiers Project

Our mission is to honor, respect and forever memorialize those who have sacrificed their lives protecting our freedom while serving in our Armed Forces. Our 501(c)3 organization provides, at no cost to family members, an exquisitely framed original portrait of their fallen loved one that fully captures their appearance and personality. We also make available to those family members who did not receive the original, a full-size canvas reproduction print that has been mounted and framed, precisely like the original. Our desire is to make a profound and lasting impact on the family while also providing a place where they can spend time with their loved one when they need them most. We work diligently to restore a sense of life and presence of our fallen American heroes on canvas. It is this commitment to excellence that defines our portraits, our staff, and our organization. Our goal, and the heart of The American Fallen Soldiers Project, is to comfort and serve the Gold Star families unconditionally and impartially to the best of our ability through our portraits. From start to finish, Phil Taylor and the staff work tirelessly to provide as much love, comfort, and encouragement as possible to the grieving families through emails, phone conversations and letters. To request a portrait click here.

A video of the grand opening event of The American Fallen Soldiers Project's headquarters and gallery. Additionally, the video includes the stories of three portraits that were delivered that night.


Programs for Family Members: 
Surviving Spouse