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Altarum has a very strong commitment to serving the needs of our nation’s service members and veterans. For over 30 years, Altarum and our predecessor organizations have worked to improve military and veterans health care serving such diverse clients as the TRICARE Management Activity, the Army, Navy, and Air Force medical services, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our commitment to our nation’s current and former service members does not stop with our client-based work. Starting in 2008, we launched our $7 million Mission Projects Initiative, which includes the multiyear Veterans Community Action Teams project in Michigan. Recently, we committed to continuing the use of our own funds to benefit service members when we initiated our Veterans Transition to Community Project.


Altarum serves the public good by solving complex systems problems to improve human health, integrating research, technology, analysis, and consulting skills. Vision Altarum Institute demonstrates and is sought for leadership in identifying, understanding, and solving critical systems issues that impact the health of diverse and changing populations.  Altarum is acknowledged as a valued, collaborative, and collegial institute of the utmost competence and integrity. Values We serve the public good and enable others to do the same. We behave with integrity in everything we do. We lead and, therefore, we continuously learn, innovate and solve problems in our fields. We promote the well-being of our employees and encourage a meaningful work-life balance. We are accountable for the quality of our work and the manner in which it is performed.

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